Tuesday, January 23, 2018


A huge THANK YOU goes out to the many friends who suggested names for this blog. In the end I decided to go with The Cardboard Chronicles because it brings together two things I love so much: Children's Books and Cardboard.

This is my second blog.  My first was my Picassos's Basement blog which I created to share news about the art programs that I ran and the art camps that I continue to run.

But my real love has always been children's books and I plan to use THIS space to share favorite picture books and the occasional middle grade or YA book. Both new titles and classics, all books that I love.  And for most books that I share I'll offer art projects that can accompany the books.

I hope it will be useful for teachers, librarians, parents, art instructors, amused passersby, and fellow Picture Book writers and illustrators who write much more useful blogs.

In keeping a blog I hope to learn a little myself because in addition to being a published illustrator I'm also now a writer and am working on my OWN picture books.

Luckily I have one Superhero Power: My ability to turn anything into an ART PROJECT.  

I'm not going to lie to you.  It's not the MOST useful of powers.  My creations are not always brilliant and are at times disastrous.  It rarely makes me money.  But the power comes in handy now and again. 

I discovered I had this power when I was pretty young while creating my own cardboard Halloween costumes. 
And my friends' costumes.  
And elaborate carnivals for my gerbils (who promptly ate the carnivals).
Halloween Costume?
Method of humiliating 5th grade son?

Later I built cardboard toys for my kids.
I ran classes and themed art camps where campers created entire cities out of recyclable items.   

Sometimes it does makes me feel a little heroic. Just a little.
And although this power does not come with a costume I can always make my own.

Ask my poor son who shuddered when I walked into his school dressed like this ⇨⇨⇨⇨⇨⇨

Look to this space in a day or so for the first installment. 


  1. A kindred spirit! My son had the best Halloween costume every year--I miss making them actually--and getting the ribbons at the contest in town. :D I love that Operation get-up--how awesome!

  2. Love those operation feet! Any pics of the gerbil carnival before they feasted?

    1. Sadly, no. It was built on an old armchair that was in my room. I know I created elaborate gates and then made tube slides out of toilet paper rolls and lean them on the chair arms. I would stuff the poor gerbils into the tubes so I could watch them slide out onto the cushion. They figured out pretty quickly that they could eat the tubes from the inside out. My mom found me doing this and pointed out that I was getting cedar shavings and gerbil excrement all over the arm chair and perhaps that wasn't the most sanitary way to be playing with them.